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VIVA Aspire, Naked. May 01 2012

I would like to start with an apology.

If, when you clicked on this article, you were expecting an array of photos exposing VIVA’s finest men (and women!) wearing nothing but budgey smugglers then you were wrong.

The word “naked” always seems to spark interest. Yet, it has many different meanings that can actually be closely related to both society and social media.

I consulted Britain’s best at Oxford to see what they defined the word “naked” to really mean.


1. (of an object) without the usual covering or protection:

2. [attributive] (especially of feelings or behaviour) expressed openly; undisguised.


I’m not one to argue with those professors at Oxford: they've been researching the English language since 1857.

So what has any of that got to do with society or social media?


When you stop and think it makes you laugh: Our interest in other's has been developed over generations and generations. Who’s sleeping in who’s cave? Did the gladiator 'Spartacus' really exisit? Is Barack Obama really American? It's embedded in us to gossip, to speculate, to wonder “is this true?”.

Social media.

Now for the past 8 years or so we have been 'blessed' with something called “social media”. We need not bother to verbally gossip, to speculate or to wonder anymore. Social media facilitates this process like nothing we've ever experienced before.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most well known platforms, whilst Google+, VK, Pinterest, Flickr, 4Square, Tumblr, Diggit and Instagram($1bn anyone?!) are additional platforms but to name a few!

Yet each and every channel exposes us in a different way – like a body part depending on what clothing item(s) we choose to wear. Or not to.

At VIVA Aspire we're not just wearing our gladrags anymore with our tailored suits, perfectly pressed trousers & hand-made shoes.

Here I present to you VIVA Aspire 'without the usual covering or protection' , expressed openly, undisguised, naked.



We can't rely on just our suit anymore - it doesn't quite fly at the beach. So from now on we're slowly getting undressed; layer by layer by layer

We're not quite at 'budgey smuggling' level just yet, however after our birthday weekend in Madrid, maybe "naked" could be taken in its most literal sense!?!?!

In the meantime have a pleasant May, and check back soon for Part [2/2] where I’ll expose how we really do LISTEN.THINK.CREATE. in anything and everything we do.

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Chris Jones



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